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  • Is it really reasonable to go overboard with fast ATS switching?

    Nowadays, there are ATS products on the market that over-emphasize fast changeover, with a changeover time of less than 100ms or even lower, as a way to meet the needs of certain loads. In fact, this is a false proposition. It is difficult to achieve fast changeover for mechanical transfer switch ap

  • What is the derating of the circuit breaker

    The manufacturer of the circuit breaker will prominently indicate the environment and conditions of use of the product in the installation and use instructions, two of which are: "Normal operating range -5℃~+40 ℃, the average temperature within 24 hours should not exceed +35℃", "The altitude of the

  • AISIKAI Automatic Transfer Switches

    AISIKAI Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are ready for transportation. Universal circuit breakerss (ACB) and molded case circuit breakerss (MCCB) is waiting before transporting to our customer.

  • AISIKAI ACB and MCCB Waiting To Be Delivered

    A truck loaded with AISIKAI Universal circuit breakerss (ACB) and molded case circuit breakerss (MCCB)

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