The 27th Mexico Expo Electrica International 2024 concluded successfully
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The 27th Mexico Expo Electrica International 2024 concluded successfully

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On June 6, 2024, the 27th Mexico Expo Electrica International 2024, which lasted for three days, came to a successful conclusion.

This exhibition brings together numerous industry professionals and provides a platform for communication and cooperation.

AISIKAI made its debut at this exhibition with a full range of products, showcasing the company's professional strength and rich products in this field to the audience.

The exhibition site was bustling with people and the atmosphere was lively and explosive!







AISIKAI's booth is bustling with people, and there is a constant stream of customers coming to exchange experiences.

At this exhibition, we not only showcased our unique product design and rich product line from multiple perspectives, but also made significant breakthroughs in product functionality and performance. Make customers feel that AISIKAI products not only stand out in appearance, but also have strong performance capabilities.

On site, AISIKAI technical experts answer various questions from customers with a enthusiastic attitude and professional knowledge, and tailor the most suitable solutions for customers based on their actual situation and market needs.

The customers who came to the exhibition on site showed great interest in AISIKAI products. They stopped to watch, consult, and experience, and gave high praise to the professionalism and innovation of the AISIKAI brand.

At this exhibition, AISIKAI not only gained valuable market information, further understood industry development trends and customer needs, but also explored more potential resources, laying a solid foundation for future business expansion.

The end of the exhibition is just the beginning. We will move forward with orders and instructions, providing reliable electrical support for customer production with advanced products, fast delivery times, and high-quality services, and building a benchmark enterprise in Chinese manufacturing.

In the future, AISIKAI will maintain its original intention, constantly shine for customers, and continuously create value!

We look forward to seeing you again!

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