The 23rd China EPOWER 2023
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The 23rd China EPOWER 2023

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The 2023 Shanghai International Data Center Industry Exhibition and China Data Center Green Energy Conference (IDCE Data Center Exhibition) will end in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 16, 2023.

The three-day exhibition attracted 34082 visitors, with a total of 89569 attendees. 1506 overseas buyers from 57 countries and regions rushed to the exhibition site to negotiate procurement. The number of visitors, number of participating companies, exhibition area and other indicators of this exhibition have set historical records!

The exhibition gathered the top resources of the industry, and 1024 enterprises from 19 countries and regions made wonderful appearances. AISIKAI brought a full range of products to the stage with the first-class enterprises such as Pross, Wanguo, Netsuk, Deheng, Inspur, Vertiv, Vito, Panasonic, Hitachi Energy, Tahoe Power, Gongniu, French Sokman, Gree Air Conditioner, Dow Chemical, and exhibited new products and technologies, Gather with new and old users in Shanghai New International.


The ASKVQ series high-voltage dual power switch, which has been dedicated to research and development for several years, was first unveiled to the public at the exhibition.









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