SKT2 Series Ultra-thin Class PC ATS
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SKT2 Series Ultra-thin Class PC ATS

  • SKT2



SKT series automatic transfer switch(ATS) is the most advanced 3rd generation ATS.  It's in the one-piece structure and  PC Class. 

SKT2 series is the most compact type that is just the of 50% size of the standard SKT. 






  • Compact Volume,  Saving Space

  • External Replaceable Fuses, Easy For Maintenance  

  • Rear Copper Bars Are Made Longer,  Convenient For Wiring Cables

  • Silver Plated High Purity Copper Bars

  • Brige Connect Structure on Load Side

  • Three-Sections Design (I – 0 – II),  Zero Position For Dual Powers Off

  • Pluggable Wiring Terminals

  • Mechanical Interlock & Electrical Interlock

Conventional thermal current Ith20A, 40A, 63A, 80A, 100A
Use category  AC-33A, highest level, suitable for frequent operation
Rated insulation voltage of copper bar Ui 660V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp6KV
Rated operating voltage of copper bar Ue AC440V
Rated operating current of copper bar Ie20A, 40A, 63A, 80A, 100A
Rated making capacity10Ie
Rated breaking capacity10Ie
Rated limit short-circuit current7KA
Transferring time1.2S
Normal 18W

1. Your nameplate color is not we see in the market. Which color is the authentic?

In the past, the ATS we sold to foreign and domestic markets use the classic AISIKAI BLUE . Recently, we use this new light blue for foreign market. Both are authentic.   

2. What is the meaning of  CK in our model? Why does some ATS have, some does not?

CK means "Export". Because foreign trade transportation usually has a higher risk of damage than domestic transportation, our workers  take additional measures such as bubble wrap when shipping ATS with CK. Recently, we started using different nameplate colors to distinguish Export goods, and CK may not be used.

3. What will this ATS operate when a power failure occurs? 
In general, ATS will transfer to the standby power when the utility power(main power) fails.

Also, ATS will transfer to the utility power when utility power returns. In this way, ATS ensures

you have the continuous power.

4. What's the maximum current can SKT2  handle ?

5. What's the other control voltage besides 220V AC?

 AC110V, AC280V, DC24V are available. Please consult us for other voltages.

6. Can I operate this ATS  manually?
Yes, our ATS have both electric and manual mode(switchable using the black button on front panel),
you can operate our ATS using handler.  

7. What does accessories list include?

Scews and bolts; A pair of safety protection boards; A handler for manual operation.

8. Does this ATS must work with an ATS controller for automatic transfer?

No, using this ATS alone is sufficient for the automatic transfer between 2 power sources.

But with ATS controller, more functions can be achieved like delay before transfer, voltage detection, 
communication and etc. 

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