Never Ending Excitement - Vietnam Power Show Review
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Never Ending Excitement - Vietnam Power Show Review

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2023 Vietnam International Green Energy and Power Industry Exhibition opens on July 19, 2023 at Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City. The exhibition will be centered on the energy and power industry chain, with the aim of showcasing industrial advantages and deepening regional cooperation, comprehensively displaying the results of the country's energy and power development planning and construction, the overall strength and development achievements of the industry and enterprises in provinces and cities.

The exhibition site is bustling, everywhere overflowing with innovation and vitality of the atmosphere allows people to immerse themselves in it. Walking into the exhibition hall, there are colorful booths in front of you, and music accompanied by the sound of creative collision echoed throughout the exhibition hall.



During the exhibition, we welcomed many old friends who have been cooperating with us for many years, who made a special trip to attend the exhibition to strengthen cooperation with us on the business end. We discussed the cooperation plan together and explored how to further enhance the cooperation effect and expand the market share.

Whether they are new friends or old friends, we are honored by their arrival. We are pleased to see their trust and recognition of us, which is also the affirmation of our past efforts. Meanwhile, we patiently listened to their needs and challenges and provided customized solutions to meet their needs.

The exhibition review is over, but the future of AISIKAI has just begun. We will continue to be driven by technological innovation to empower enterprises and contribute to social progress. Whether it is products or solutions, AISIKAI will continue to pursue excellence and bring greater value to our customers.

Let's look forward to future encounters and create a new chapter of the era with AISIKAI!

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