Global war against COVID-19, let’s fight together!
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Global war against COVID-19, let’s fight together!

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As the epidemic situation in China is leveling off, however, the situation abroad is getting serious. AISIKAI international trade apartment is busy lately. We keep close contact with oversea agents and customers, keep up with their newest updates, and send free masks to customers lacking masks. It is reassuring to receive the news that they are all safe.


In a bid to make customers feel relieved, AISIKAI carry out special measures in this special period.

     The already ordered products will be produced on schedule, and be kept for customers for at least half one year without any storage management charge.  

    We need unite together to defend the attack of epidemic.



To remind people of the importance of protection during the outbreak, some major brands have temporarily changed their logos in this special time.

The official Facebook account of McDonald's Brazil, split the original logo M to two N’s.


Then they changed the official Facebook account avatar(has changed back now). This action received 316K likes in a short time.


    Being inspired by McDonald's, Volkswagen Audi, one of the most famous brands in the auto industry, has also played with its LOGO.


In the most prominent position on their official website, they temporarily changed the Audi's iconic four rings to “equidistant four rings” to call attention to social distance.

According to its designers, it means “keep your distance, but always stay together”.

MercadoLibre, the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America, in order to improve people's awareness of care, has changed the original handshake gesture to touch elbows on all platforms.



        Coca-Cola has splashed out on a billboard in New York's times square, where the letters in the original LOGO are spaced apart.


At the hands of designers Jure Tovrljan and Bosslogic, all the familiar brands in our lives have been redesigned intending to remind more people: pay attention to protection, maintain social distance, for the sake of everyone, it is best to stay at home and do not go anywhere.






        Although Nike's official did not really change the LOGO, but also encourage this practice.


These beautiful designs are so inspiring that within hours a special LOGO for AISIKAI was designed.


     In this special period, AISIKAI and its customers go hand in hand with each other. We sincerely hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible, and the lives of people around the world will return to track.

It’s a global war against epidemic, let’s fight together!

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