ASP Anti-surge Module
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ASP Anti-surge Module

At the moment of lightning release, the voltage is very high, the current is very large, and the energy release time is short. It is not enough to only use external lightning protection (lightning rod, etc.). Lightning waves will directly or indirectly go into the power lines, signal lines, etc., and the resulted lightning over-voltage will produce a great danger to electronic and electrical equipment. ASP anti-surge module has the function of lightning protection, which can effectively absorb the surge pulse from the power system to
ensure the safe use of ATS in harsh environment and lightning areas, and reduce the probability of ATS being damaged by lightning in lightning environment.
  • ASP anti-surge module can absorb surges and effectively  counteract the damage caused by surges to smart electric  appliances through the built-in surge protection device.

  • Surges occur with high frequency and irregularity, so it is  necessary to take continuous protection for smart appliances.  Anti-surge module can effectively block high, medium and  low spike voltage of different intensities without interruption.

  • For the instantaneous burst of ultra-high current, the slightest  flow into the sophisticated control circuit of ATS can have  fatal consequences. Anti-surge module can effectively cut off  the ultra-high current in nanosecond, providing a high level of  protection for intelligent appliances. This module can effectively protect the internal control board of ATS.


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