ASKW3 Series Drawout Type Intelligent Universal Air Circuit Breaker
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ASKW3 Series Drawout Type Intelligent Universal Air Circuit Breaker

  • ASKW3



The ASKW3 series intelligent universal circuit breaker is suitable for isolation; suitable for use at a frequency of 50/60Hz, rated operating voltage AC380V/400V/415V/440V/480V/660V/690V/800V/1000V/1140V, and rated current of 4000A and below in distribution networks, used for distributing electrical energy and protecting lines and power equipment from the harmful effects of overloads, undervoltage, short circuits, grounding faults, etc. 

The circuit breaker uses a precise protection and multi-functional intelligent controller, with complete protection functions, especially suitable for distribution networks that require improving power supply reliability and avoiding unnecessary power outages. The H-type intelligent controller has a communication interface, making it easy to connect to the field bus, enabling the implementation of "telemetry", "remote adjustment", "remote control", and "remote signaling" four remote functions, meeting the requirements of control automation. Configuring a residual current transformer and the corresponding intelligent controller can achieve leakage protection.

Circuit breakers with a rated current of 1000A and above can also be used in AC 50Hz, 400V networks as overload, short circuit, undervoltage, and grounding fault protection for motors. Under normal conditions, they can be used for infrequent motor starting purposes.


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