ASKQ Series Household ATS 16A~63A
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ASKQ Series Household ATS 16A~63A

CB Class MCB Type ATS
  • ASKQ

ASKQ series household automatic transfer switch is PC Class non-frequently operable electrical transfer switch.

It has 3 working modes:Automatic, Electric(external control) and Emergency Manual. 

ASKQ is suitable to be used in the 50/60Hz low voltage AC power distribution systems for the reliable transfer between two power supplies.



  • Reasonalbe structure, compact volume, beautiful appearance.

  • Adopt excitation type electromagnet drive mechanism, which is extrmely fast in transferring.

  • The 6A-63A switch is suitable for home use, which meets the requiremnets of the level-3 power distribution system.

  • Mount on standard DIN rail. Quick and easy installation.


ASKQ Household structure 01

ASKQ Household structure 02

ASKQ series Household ATS Catalogue (Size: 2.41MB)

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AISIKAI whole series ATS Catalogue (Size: 14MB)

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