ASKM1 Series Normal Protection MCCB
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ASKM1 Series Normal Protection MCCB

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ASKM1 Series Normal Protection Type MCCB have advantages like small size, high breaking capacity, short arc and vibration resistant.

The rated insulation voltage of MCCB is 800V.

It's suitable for the power distribuiton network of AC50Hz, rated working voltage 690V(400V for ASKM1-63A) and below, rated working current up to 1600A. Besides distributing the power. MCCB also works as the protection device of circuit and power equipment for overload, short-circuit, and undervoltage.

MCCB is also suitable for the infrequent conversions of the circuits and for the overload, short circuit, undervoltage protection and infrequent starts of the motors.

The MCCB have isolation function.

According to the level of its rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacity, the circuit breaker is divided into three categories, L type(normal type), M type(medium type), H(high type).

The setting value of instantaneous action characteristic of MCCB for distribution is 10In±20%, ASKM1-1600:7In±20%. Setting value of instantaneous action characteristic of motor protection circuit breaker si 12±20%.

ASKM1 parameters

MCCB structure

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