ASKB1 Series Normal Protection MCB
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ASKB1 Series Normal Protection MCB

  • ASKB1


ASKB1-63 series high-segment miniature circuit breaker has the characteristics of advanced stucture, reliable performance, high breaking capacity and compact appearance.

The shell and other parts are made of impact resistant and high flame retardant materials.

Used in places with AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage below 400V and rated current below 125A.

It is mainly used for overload and short circuit protection of circuits and equipments in lighting system and power distribution system of office buildings, residential buildings and etc. 

It can also control the opening and closing of electrical devices and lighting lines in normal conditions. 

The on/off status of the breaker can be clearly distinguished from the red/green color of the windows on the front panel.






  • Clear View For On/Off Status

  • High Breaking Capacity, Up to 10KA

  • Ventilation Groove Shell Design, Active Cooling, Reducing Temperature Rise

  • Composite High Conductive Material, Longer Service Life

  • Ergonomic Operation Design, Anti-Skid Handle, Easy to Operate

  • Advanced Structrure, Reliable Performance  

  • Beautiful Design, Compact Size

  • High Impact Resistant, High Flame Retardant Material 


ASKB1 Use Condition

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