2024 Shanghai GPOWER Show Ends on a High Note
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2024 Shanghai GPOWER Show Ends on a High Note

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On June 27, 2024, the 23rd GPOWER Power Exhibition, which lasted for three days, has successfully concluded.

The 3-day power exhibition ended perfectly. AISIKAI has gained a lot from this industry event.



At this exhibition, AISIKAI showcased its strong technical capabilities and high-quality core products, bringing a full range of star products to the exhibition, attracting many exhibitors to stop and talk.

At the same time, AISIKAI has won unanimous praise from customers with its rich industry experience, efficient solutions, and professional on-site explanations. Some customers immediately showed strong cooperation intentions on site. Highly praised the technological innovation, research and development, and professionalism of the AISIKAI brand.




Through this exhibition, AISIKAI showcases its exquisite craftsmanship, innovative concepts, and strong technological strength to the world, laying a solid foundation for the AISIKAI brand to compete in a broader market.




Although the exhibition has ended, the excitement is still ongoing. AISIKAI will continue to work hard to produce higher quality products and provide better services to meet the diverse needs of the future market.

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