2023 Incentives for the growth of employees' children
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2023 Incentives for the growth of employees' children

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Ten years of hard work and study, and now they're on the top of the list.

It's the season of university admission every year, AISIKAI Yizheng production base came the good news that the children of two employees in the assembly shop were admitted to Hebei University and Jilin University respectively with excellent grades.


Employee's children are happy to be admitted to the university, is a family's pride, but also our whole company to celebrate the moment, marking their hard work and excellent performance has been affirmed and recognized, in this special moment, AISIKAI to these two outstanding young people to express the most heartfelt blessings and encouragement, and send a modest contribution, I wish them the cloud breeds, ten thousand miles can be expected.

In order to promote a good culture of emphasizing learning and education, and to motivate the children of the company's employees to study hard and establish the values of patriotism, love of family and gratitude, AISIKAI has set up a bonus for the education of the children of employees, which is one of the many employee welfare programs and fully reflects the company's culture of focusing on people.


Two employees shared their experiences of accompanying their children to study and take exams, and instructed their children to double their efforts in the new starting point of their lives, learn good knowledge in college, learn to do things, be a good person, and know how to be grateful. At the same time have said that the child is the most important member of the family, the company and its leadership care about the growth of children, is the greatest care for workers, to the company's care for this care and concern for the power of hard work, with a more positive attitude based on their own positions and work hard.

The two students also talked about the college entrance examination, thanked their parents, thought about the future, and said that they would continue to study seriously and enrich themselves, so as to live up to the expectations of their families, the care of the society, and the cultivation of the country.

Company leaders sent a message to the two students who will enter the university, one is to learn to be grateful, I hope that the two new college students enter a new stage, enter the university, be grateful, turn gratitude into their own emotional and behavioral self-awareness, and work harder to study and live! The second is to be ambitious, the goal is the direction, and constantly towards their goals step by step forward, to be brave enough to take up the responsibilities and missions of the young generation of the new era, firm rational beliefs, and contribute to the development of society as part of their own strength. Third, we must cherish the opportunity to learn, society is constantly progressing, eager for more talented people, only always maintain good study habits, double the effort to learn, in the new stage of life, continue to strive for excellence, mold themselves into a new type of talent to adapt to the requirements of the times, and return to society and return to their hometowns.

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