Drawer Type Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker ASKW1 ASKW2
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Drawer Type Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker ASKW1 ASKW2

  • ASKW1

Product Overview

ASKW1 series intelligent type universal circuit breaker is suitable for AC50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 400V, 690V, rated current 630A-6300A of the distribution network used to distribute power and protect circuits and power supply equipment against overload, under-voltage, short-circuit, single phase earth fault.

Classified by the volume, there are W1 type and W2 type. 

The standard volume type W1 have 4 frames: 2000, 3200, 4000, 63000. W1 covers current  from 630A-6300A. T

The compact volume type W2 have 1 frame: 1600. W2 covers current from 200A-1600A.

Classified by the structure design , there are Fixed type and Drawer type.

For Drawer type, the ACB main body can be drawn out from the frame, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. 

The letter "C" in product model code denotes "Drawer" type.

Circuit breaker has intelligent protection and isolartion function. Accurate selective protection, improve the reliability of power supply, avoid unnecessary power outages. Circuit breaker has open communication interface for four-remote, meeting the requirements of centralized control of automation systems.

ASKW Series ACB Quick Selection Table

ASKW model code description(title cut)

Drawer structure

Techinical Parameter and Performance

ACB parameters

Controller Function Introduction

W1 intelligent controller introducation-1

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